Mt. Airy Eye Care Center

Mt. Airy Eye Care Center, Mount Airy, Maryland

Mt. Airy Eye Care is an optometrist office located in Mount Airy, Maryland.  When the existing location became too small to accommodate the growing practice, the owner came to Heath Design Group for help.  The site for the new building was chosen because of its prominent location and ease of access for clients.

Objectives / Challenges:

With the opportunity to start from scratch, the owner wanted to design a building which would reflect his vision for the practice.  Due to the prominent location of the site, it was also necessary to create a building which was reflective of the budding town.


The location of the building on the site was chosen to ensure visibility and a protruding element was created at the entrance to enhance visibility upon approach.  A curved roof was designed to suggest an eyebrow that arches over the Mt. Airy Eye logo (which is the shape of an eye).  Standing seam metal roofing was applied to the roof which reflects the residential nature of the property from the past while the curve shape reflects a transition to the present commercial use of the area.  Finally, the combination of the two warm gray colors (consistent with the doctor’s logo) placed under the eyebrow roof create an elegant mosaic that will draw attention, but which is not so bold that it looks out of place.